January 20, 2011

Decisions of the Important Sort.

I usually HATE doing multiple posts in a day.
So, I'm sorry.
But I needed to write this post.
Because I need your help with something.
Don't worry, it's not horrible,
I just need some advice, from unbiased people.

OK, so I'm doing what every 20yo college student does,
Contemplating life & where the next step will take me.
In my contemplation, I decided that I wanted to get away
Just for a little while, you know?
For a long time, I wanted to serve a mission for my church,
But recently, I decided against it. 
While serving a mission is amazing & such a blessing, it's not for me.
Not right now at least.

So then, I decided that I would apply for the Disney College Internship thing.
Buuut....I didn't make the first round of interviews.
Which is okay.
I mean, it's not like I'm totally in love with Disney
& it's not like my g-ma put down 20,000 bucks (not all at one time)
to purchase a Disney Vacation Club Membership.
I mean, no hard feelings at all :)
It's just not what Heavenly Father wanted for me.

Well, now I'm stuck trying to figure out what to do next.
I know for sure that I want to continue school.
But I don't want to go to UH Manoa
And HPU is a little too expensive for me...

So, I've contemplated the BYU schools.
Specifically BYU Hawaii & BYU Provo.
But, I can't apply to either school until the summer,
Which means I'd have to try for Winter Term
& which means that I wouldn't be in school in the fall.

I love both schools,
but I'm more taken with BYU Provo.
I mean, BYUH is beautiful, but it wouldn't be a big change.
Well, sure it would be 1.5 hours away from home,
But still close enough.
I love everything about BYU Provo.
Except the price.
I mean, I have no money.
Not even to attend BYUH.

But if I took the fall semester off,
I could work & start selling stuff on my etsy shop.
I know that a Church School is what Heavenly Father
wants of me.
As soon as I got denied the Disney thing, I prayed
& immediately my thoughts were to check out the church schools.
But now how do I get there?
Nephi 3:7 is a favorite scripture of mine, so I know that
He wouldn't give me a commandment (or inspiration)
without giving me a way to get there.

I don't know.
What would you guys do?
Take the semester off and work to get to a church school
Just apply to UH Manoa where I know that I'll get in?
And which school would you rather go to?
BYU Hawaii or BYU Provo?

Those questions are more for the lds peeps.

So for everyone else, do you have any financial advice?
Any scholarship suggestions?
Anything having to do with money?
Budgeting tips?

I seriously need all the help I can get!


  1. Oh decisions, decisions! I'm re-applying to BYUH for the fall at the moment, and I decided to apply to Provo too. Even though I don't really want to go there...and I severely doubt I'll get in. Haha. BUT if it's where the Lord wants me, it's where I'll go!

    There are sooooo many pros/cons to both BYUH and Provo. They're both wonderful in their own way, and they both kind of suck sometimes. Haha. So I can't really tell you which one is all depends on where you're supposed to be :) But I will say that Provo is DANG COLD! Hahahaha.

    I'm taking a year off and working right now, and it's totally possible to save up enough money to attend a church school in a shorter amount of time. And working a full time job (and not going to school) makes a HUGE difference in how much/how quickly you're able to save money!
    BYUs only cost like $4,000 max each semester, including room/board. If you live off-campus and pay monthly rent and buy your own food, it can be even cheaper! So all you'd really need initially (bare minimum) is $2000ish for tuition, some money for books, and enough for a deposit/first month's rent and groceries to get you started. Then get a job on campus and use paychecks to pay for the rest! It's tough, but it works if you need it to.

    Good luck figuring everything out!!

  2. I say go to USU! Go Aggies!!! (Can you tell where we went to school???) But here's my two cents. Go to BYUH. I would love to go there. But I'm white as can be and didn't graduate from seminary and well, didn't really have a testimony at the time I was going to college. (That has all changed, well, the testimony part) Provo is so OVERRATED! And I'm not saying that because I really don't like the school (yes, I'm going to hell for saying that). I know it's a great school, but there are two basic groups of people that go there. They super uber mormons that are all gun hoe and die hard Zoobies (the nickname that they have), or the ones that go because they can and break all the rules. The ones that fall in the middle, really don't do well at the school, or end up running away.

    If you are all in the middle, go to the most laid back BYU of them all, Hawaii. I have a few friends who went there and loved it there. It was perfect of them. Strong, spiritual without all the zoobies and the bad guys. You know what I'm saying? I'm sure, not all schools are perfect, but there is a perfect school for you.

    Also, apply for Finical Aid. Fill out a FAFSA and it will help you get grants (you don't pay those back), student loans and if you qualify, Perkins loans. Those are the best. I used to work for Loans and Collections at Western Washington University, so if you need any help with that, shoot me an email. Good luck! If all else fails, just apply to both schools (and you can say that on your FASFA) and see which one accepts you!

    *USU out of state tution was $5,000 about two years ago. That might have gone up some, but not much. Also, it has the LARGEST institute in the nation. And tons of great student wards and cheap living areas!*

  3. Sweetie, do what you feel you need to do. Honestly, you're a smart lady with no kids. If I was in your position, and I didn't have the financial stress that I do now, I would choose to go to the better school and get as many scholarships as I could. They have programs that will look for scholarships and grants for you! Pray on it a little more, and just know that your Daddy God won't put anything on your plate that you can't handle, and he knows where you are going, and he will take you there. Don't stress so much. And, of course, let us know when you pick. =]

  4. Okay, girl, you are AWESOME! First, love love LOVE your blog title. I adore that song and I totally called my blog "One Step at a Time" for a while. I think that makes us BFFs, yeah?

    Second, do what you most want to do as long as the spirit tells you that it is a good thing. If I've learned anything lately, it's not to take counsel from my fears. So, make your decision with faith and the Lord will bless you.

    Third, I agree with Sara's plug for USU. Go Aggies!