January 16, 2011

So, I got this from Chelsea over at Adventures in Vandyland (who also got it from a friend) and I knew that I just had to do it. I actually did something like this for a class in high school, and we had to give it to a classmate (it was anonymous) who had to like analyze it. It made me nervous, so I tried to answer perfectly. But this is the blogosphere & I know you guys won't judge me. So here are my answers, raw and uncut. Also, feel free to do this yourself :)

I Am...amazed at all the blessings i've been able to receive in my life. 
I Want... to meet someone amazing & be married and sealed for time and all eternity.
I Have...the most amazing people in my life (amazing seems to be the key word today)
I Wish...that I could bring a smile to the face of just one person today.
I Hate...child and animal abuse.
I Fear...being alone.
I Hear...the sound of my fan & the sounds of the neighborhood.
I Search...for true love and happiness
I Wonder...what my future and the future for my children will be like
I Regret...things left unsaid...
I family, friends and the Gospel.
I Ache...when I miss people...
I Always...try to think positively.
I Usually...have something to say.
I Am Not...a bad person.
I Dance...when I'm feeling stressed.
I Sing...only in my head.
I Never...want to let life pass me by.
I Rarely...say bad things about others.
I Cry...a lot, because I'm emotional.

I Am Not Always...right (there. i admitted it. someone take a picture of this and send it to my best.)
I Lose...only when I give up.
I'm how people can be so cruel
I Need...happy people to surround me.
I getting ready for church!

Who are you?

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