January 16, 2011

YOU-Niquely You #1

So, remember how in this post I talked about doing a series featuring uniqueness? Well, I've finally decided on how I wanted to do it. Each Sunday, I'm going to feature a new person who will talk about what makes them unique. They can talk about anything, any aspect of themselves, or voice their opinions on what makes a person unique. They can express their feelings in any form of media, be it photos, a letter, a poem, quotes, anything really! If any of my lovely blog readers would like to take part in this series, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail and we can definitely arrange something!

For the first post in the series, I asked a good (real life) friend of mine to write. She doesn't have a blog, but you can find her on tumblr. I asked her to be the first because out of all the people that I know, she has the best grasp on why she is unique. She loves and appreciates herself and she knows that she is awesome. In all honesty, she is the person that I've seen grow up the most from high school. So without further ado, here is Noe and her wonderful post (and pictures that I had to steal from facebook...i love you, noe!)

(this is noe. gorgeous right? i know. i'm only friends with pretty people =P)

Unique? Let us break this word down. According to Merriam this means to be "the only one". And if my being the only one out in the world like me, then I gather that to be a partial truth.

In all my life I have been the youngest child of three children in a five person family. I learned early on that being the only girl and youngest child I had to up the anti in gaining some attention or settle with entertaining myself for a good space of time.

As a child I never thought boys had cooties and often asked a few to marry me or claimed my undying love for them. I would also sneak into my father's tool shed for his handy extension cord, attach it to my glue gun (a christmas present I requested for my six year old self), trek into the yard until I found a nice dirt sufface, add a dead lady bug I found, and make home-made fossils.

Those were only a few of the things I did to appease my imaginative mind. I also never felt the need for a imaginary friend because I was a full show in myself.

(including a picture from high school was, in fact, mandatory. just ignore my face.)

Then as I grew older my little quirks either tamed down or intensified. Such as the case in my pledging love to boys, that one got tamed down though I am not afraid to have an intelligent conversation with one. As for my crafty side, that intensified into me getting my hands dirty in every possible medium of art. I've tried acting, photography, drawing, painting, creative writing, ceramics, and etc. I love my ability to express myself in multiple facets and ways.

If all of these make me unique in your book well then so be it. Yet to myself I do not fulfill the definition extensively. I may be a branch off of the unique tree that will sway in the wind, grow in age, change throughout the seasons, but I will remain a branch non the less. And maybe one day when I break off from the tree someone will find me and make me something that is truly unique.

Very well said. I think that for the most part, we are all branches of that unique tree. Some of us are just starting to figure out what makes us unique (which is all part of growing up) and others of us are already long boughs, acknowledging those things and making it work for us.

Although we may never be able to truly define everything that makes us unique, life is really all about finding ourselves by looking at ourselves.

Until next time!

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  1. Oh me me me! I'll do one sometime :)
    I love this. A lot.