January 1, 2011

In 2011, I Resolve...

Uhm, to sit on my butt every single day doing nothing? Sounds good? Yeah, I think so do :)

In all honesty, I really hate New Years Resolutions. I love everything about New Year including the idea of a fresh start, but I hate the whole Resolutions part of it. Last year, I made my "resolutions" so peculiar that I don't even know how I survived 20 minutes with them! I spent so much time in 2010 worrying about it that I honestly had no time just to enjoy.

So, this year, I'm making my life a little easier. My goal is to be the best me that I can be. I'm not holding myself to any form of measurement, because only I know what I can do to be better. And it's not just a one day change everything about my life project. I know that getting to be the best me is something that will take time, but it will be easy.

Yep, it should be easy as pie! My whole goal here is to do something once a day that'll improve my life in some way. It could be reading my scriptures in the morning and giving me a positive start to the day (I want to do this one more constantly though)! Or even looking up some make-up tutorials online and practicing on my make-up (I don't wear make-up very often and I like the way I look without it, but I do want to try and wear make-up more). You guys get the gist right?

I have another goal for my two babies (aka my blogs people!). In this one, the personal one, I want to be more scheduled about posts. I mean, I love the whole personal aspect of it too, but I want to keep it personal while also not making it too boring, ya dig? So here are my thoughts for the blog:

must love mondays-admit it, monday is usually the most hectic day of the week! everything is going on and it's crazy. but monday is actually my favorite day of the week! like the whole new year thing, I enjoy the whole fresh start aspect that monday brings. on mondays i'll be posting about things that i am looking forward to in the coming week or things that i enjoyed in the week past!
link-up tuesday-since most of the linky parties i take part in are on tuesdays, i'll be dedicating tuesday posts to those link-ups!
wishlist wednesday-i am thinking about making this one a linky party in itself! wishlist wednesday will be all about the things that are on my wishlist and yours too! it doesn't even have to be a material thing! wishlist wednesday is all about what you are wishing for, even if your wish is for prince william to drop kate and marry you instead =P (just for the record, i think kate is gorgeous! and they will have beautiful babies. marry your kid off instead!). 
thankful thursdays-i think this one is pretty self explanatory. this one is all about being grateful for the things in life. i know that this will be a mixed media blog post thing. 
link-up friday-again, a lot of linky-parties happen on fridays, so I'll link up and answer any questions on link-up fridays!
show and tell saturday-this is going to up in the air! it'll either be super random posts or i'll share a crafty project that i've been working on, or some recipes that i love. i'll even share pictures from my vacation (yeah, i'm late. it'll happen soon) or random things about my life or that i found interesting with y'all!
think about it sundays-think about it sunday can either be really serious or really playful and fun. i think for the most part it'll be between those variants. sometimes, i may post about something i learned in church or about a world issue or anything that has been weighing on my mind. or i may also dig through my bag off journal prompts (which are really just random questions) and i'll answer those! i'll also challenge you all to "think about it" too, so please stop by on sundays!

As for the tay irl reads, well, I'm not going to have anything too structured, but I do want to include more posts while I'm reading and stuff!

And lastly, I want you guys to hold me to both my goal and my whole blogging thing! Please? It's simple, really. Just the fact that I know you are all expecting me to be a better me will help me stick with that goal! But if you find something that you know will help me be a better me (like a cute make-up or hair tutorial, or a youtube dance you think i should learn) send it to me! I promise I won't be offended! And as for the blog part, don't be afraid to scold me if I go off track! Of course there will be times when I won't follow the schedule exactly, let's face it, I do have a life (not really, no...). But if it's been like weeks and weeks since I've done a show and tell saturday or something, then just comment or e-mail me and be like "hey, what's up...i wanted to see your pictures of *insert cool thing here* for show and tell saturday!."

In return, I also want to help you with any goals that you've set for yourself and for your blog or even for your etsy shops (anyone need a reviewer? i'll do it!!). Or even if you just need someone to talk to, just let me know! I'm always here to help you in any way that I can, be it lending an ear or whatever, let me know!!

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