January 22, 2011

I'm weird....

I'll totally be the first to admit that.
Because it's true.
I am weird.

Of course, we're all pretty weird,
y'know in our own ways. 
Because, if everyone was the same
& "normal", that would be weird.

But I am really weird.
Like, abnormal.
Seriously, hear me out!
You'll be calling me weird by the end of this post too!

In Hawaii, the local legend is that if you get a stye in your eye,
someone's pregnant. Now, it doesn't happen for everyone.
But, it does for me.
Every single time I get a stye, someone I know ends up being pregnant!
And if the person is exceptionally close to me,
I get other "symptoms" of pregnancy too.
(Mind you, I am definitely NOT pregnant! I'm off the sex.)
(what movie is that last sentence from? i'll give you a cookie if you know ;)

So, this week, I developed a stye in my right eye
This morning, I woke up with the worst nausea I've felt in a while.
Like, I couldn't even stay asleep. It was horrible.
& then after the nausea kinda settled down, I began craving.

So, when anyone I know gets pregnant, I get a stye.
The day that I found out my cousin (whom I was close with) was pregnant,
I began throwing up (and I never, ever vomit)
& before I found out my favorite Aunty was pregnant,
I craved peanut butter.

So my conclusion is,
someone is pregnant & just not saying anything!
But it's driving me crazy cause
1. I hate feeling nauseous.
2. I hate having styes
well, those are my only two reasons.

Other Reasons Why I'm Completely Weird:

I am the queen of irony.
Irony follows me like a dog chases the mailman.
Once, when I liked this guy, let's call him Isaiah (cause that's his name),
I was listening to Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" album,
& the song "Enchanted" played
(I was on my way to temple open house)
So, I was like "Hey, this song reminds me of Isaiah.
Wouldn't it be cool if he was at open house today."
And then I went to Open House, went through the tour,
came outside & there he was.
It was weird.

I'm incredibly intuitive.
Like to the point of being psychic.
That is also weird,
but it's gonna come in handy some day!

A lot of the time, things that I say
will come true.
But I also have to strongly believe that it'll come true,
I can't just be like "oh yeah, I'm totally gonna have my
dream car waiting for me outside!"
I have to believe it.
This goes hand in hand with the intuition thing.

What are your weird little quirks?


  1. Whoa....that's an amazing super power! And no, I don't think you are weird. Just unique. Its okay, every time I go to Kaua'i, something happens to my friend's family. Like two years ago, her Aunty died. **sadness** Then another time, her Uncle was in the hospital. so, now I'm scared to go to Kaua'i.

  2. LOL I love this post! I wish I was that intuitive. Sometimes weird ironic things happen to me but it's very rare!