January 23, 2011

21 Dream Presents for My 21st Birthday

Today is Sunday, the 23rd of January, which means that my 21st birthday is tomorrow!!!

I am way excited & totally looking forward to my birthday week. So in honor of me being born (and the world would totally be a less awesome place without me in it), the blog is going to be all 21 and all tasia for the next week! Today will be my "Dream Presents" post, tomorrow (my b-day!) will be random facts about me, Tuesday will be 21 people who have influenced my life. Y'all get the gist right? I'm so looking forward to writing each post!

So, to start things off, here are my top 21 Dream Presents for my 21st birthday!

15-21. Way cute clothes from Old Navy. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love ON!
14. Babysitting Mama for Wii. I love all those "Mama" games. Ever since I got my DS, I've been playing Cooking Mama and Cooking Mama 2! So when I saw Babysitting Mama for Wii, I had to have it! (photo courtesy of Amazon.)
13. well...apparently i left out number 13. obviously it isn't my favorite number :)
12. Glee Karaoke Revolution on Wii. Uhm, hello! Major Gleek here! (photo courtesy of Amazon.)
11. Xbox 360 with Kinect. I'm dying to play Kinect! I got to watch people play in Best Buy but I never got to play. Sad face. (photo courtesy of
10. Betty Crocker's Cooky Book. Uhm. I love cookies. And I love baking. So a baking cook book equals awesome. (photo courtesy of
9. The super awesome Purple Unicorn Pillow Pet! I am obsessed with this guy. Every time I go to Wal Mart, I just have to pet him. If I had one, I'd name him Sillie. (photo courtesy of
4-8. All of these beautiful patterns (and more patterns and awesome fabric). Simplicity has seriously awesome patterns and at cheap prices. Their clearance section has patterns for $1.59! Crazy!
3. I still lust after this beautiful iPad. I'm an apple junkie. My mac-instincts (it exists) tell me that I NEED it!
2. A kindle! I want a kindle so badly, it's crazy! I neeeeed the Kindle! I don't have anything more to say about that. (photo courtesy of
1. I want Flynn Rider. Ok. I know my Tangled obsession is crazy. But I love Flynn Rider. He is totally my celebrity crush right now! What? A cartoon can't be your celebrity crush? Well fine, I want to meet a guy who is like Flynn Rider. I mean, he's like the typical bad boy, with a good heart. He's handsome, he is brave, he's funny & witty, he's cute. Yep, I love him. He's my prince charming. So send me a Flynn Rider and I will love you forever!

{What's on your Birthday Wishlist? Even if it's not your birthday, whatever. I'll share mine with you!}


  1. Happy birthday! Wow, 21 years old....that's a big deal. I hope you get everything you wanted!

    I love cooking mama too. It's so much fun!

    Kindle....sweet! I love ereaders. I wanted to get the nook, but I don't know. I rather get a DSLR or netbook.

  2. Nice list. I especially love the Unicorn pillow pet. =)
    Happy early birthday, love. Yes, the world wouldn't be as bright without you.