January 19, 2011

Finally Done!

Last week, I started making a tie for a friend whose birthday is coming up soon. Said friend is currently serving a mission, so I try to send them things that they will use rather than things that they don't need at the time. For the Elder Dude, (whose birthday was in November) I asked my grandma to crochet him a scarf and a beenie. He's serving in Japan, where I'm sure it gets cold, so I figured it would be useful.

For other Elder Dude, let's call him Elder M, I decided to try my hand at sewing a tie! Since I got the sewing machine for Christmas, I decided that a tie would be useful. All missionaries need a good tie! So, I went to work last week, because I want to get it mailed before his birthday (Feb 2). The first day was easy, I just cut out the pattern and did my basting stitches. And then it got stressful. I couldn't figure out how to sew it and my seam ripper became my very best friend! So I put it away for the weekend and I decided to get back to it today.

And it was way better! Going into the project with a clear mind is really what I needed. I did everything exactly right (with the help of google) and I am so pleased with the final result. I was going to write in his birthday card (jokingly, of course): "Dear Elder M, I'm sorry this tie is ugly, it was the first one I've ever made. I guess you're just lucky like that." But now, I don't even have to write that!

Here's the end result:

 After a while, I got smart and turned the flash on :)

I adore this material! I wish I had more, then I could make a matching skirt :)

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