January 6, 2011

Today I Am Grateful For...

friends who always know what to say when I need it.

the scriptures & words of the prophets, that guide me to
the right paths, even when i try to resist.

my comfy bed that takes care of me when i feel icky.

& i am especially grateful for the fact that
I was smart enough to keep journals over the past few years.

It's so interesting to go back a few years to read
& to see what I was like 
& how much I've changed.

I've been keeping journals since fifth grade,
with a few years missing, here & there.

Sixth grade me was especially hilarious.
I was always a very imaginitive kid,
but i'm pretty sure I was borderline crazy in sixth grade.
I thought I was going to marry Harry Potter.
Or at least the dude from Dream Street,
do you even remember them?
Yeah, Jesse McCartney was in Dream Street.
He's the cute blonde one in the grey shirt.
I was going to marry him (I still can, technically...)

The entries changed very little as I grew up.
I mention marrying someone in every journal I own.
Of course, the people have changed over the years.
But it hasn't changed much since 2009 to now.
Which means that I've liked
(or loved, whatever.)
the elder dude for three years now.
WOW. I just realized that. 
Crazy Stuff.

Anyway, as much as I have changed
from the time I was in sixth grade til now,
an almost 21 year old (wow, again)
I've essentially stayed the same person. 
I still believe in love.
I still have the need to be loved
& to love in return.

It's amazing how things can change so much,
but still remain the same.
I'm thankful that through all the changes that have happened in my life,
I've still remained true to who I am.
I still know who I am & what I want,
I'm still me!

(and me is way hilarious. old me, new me. whatever, i am hilarious!)

P.S. Did you keep a journal when you were younger? Do you ever look back at them now and laugh at how silly you were as a kid or are you shocked at how much you've changed since then? Feel free to comment and let me know!


  1. I love this! I also thought that I was going to marry a fictional character, but I was more into the darker side, so mine was Draco, haha!

    I did keep journals when I was younger, but as the bad memories and things that happened grew too numerous, I began to throw out entries after getting it off my chest. What I DO have is a collection of poems and short stories that I wrote about it all, most with a "I will survive this" vibe. Someday, I'll post about my childhood. Not yet though.

    Thanks for the trip into your mind, sweetie. =]

  2. I didn't keep a journal but all through high school I wrote rap lyrics and as I read back on them I see I was a typical rapper lol. Kind of embarrassing, but I laughed at them and threw them away. I don't write rap lyrics anymore but recently I got into Christian and rock lyrics.

  3. I kept journals, kind of! Hahaha I had a a blog but pre-myspace. I read through it a while ago and was astounded at how annoying I was :P

    And Elder Dude?! Hey I kinda have one of those too! He's been my BFF for...five years? Holy cow. Haha.