About Me!

Me, Me, Me & More ME!!!
oh hey, that'd be moi!!

Things I'd Put On Official Document Form Thingys :)

Name: Tasia (it's like Asia with a T!)
Age: 20
Residence: a little rock in the middle of the sea, aka Hawaii
Occupation: know...whatever. Mostly a student, also a pre-k sub.
Relationship Status: *mumbles*single. ok, next question.
Religious Affiliation: Mormon, yo!
School: Eh. I'm in between things right now (:

Random Facts About This Random Little Lady
(will be updated. a lot. whenever i have something new to add!)

*I am a "momma" to two little rascals. Lady & Merlin (:
my ladyluvz & merliboo back in june when i got them. lady was so teeny!

*I adore headbands. And cute ribbons. And other hair accessories. I think it's because I'm allergic to pretty much all other jewelry, so I make up for my lack of accessories with an abundance of hair stuff!
*I love Gossip Girl. And I have since I read the books in 8th grade.
*I've switched schools four times in my life. And, I only went to public school for two years.
*I get horrible car sickness. But not all the time.
*I also get horrible migraines. Just one thing that I inherited from my mother.
*Nutella and Pita Chips is the best snack ever. Noe introduced them to me and I can't get enough now!
*My absolute favorite movies of all time (not including the HP series) are: Dirty Dancing, She's The Man, Star Trek, Madagascar 2, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Hairspray, Rent, and My Girl 1&2.
*I am a Facebook Stalker. Ok, no I am not proud to admit that, but admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery, right?
*I think that every single blog I subscribe to is my favorite blog ever.
*Chocolate is my favorite thing ever. But my favorite kind of chocolate changes constantly.
*I have to have popcorn at the movie theater no matter what.
*I own at Wii bowling. Not so much at real life bowling...