January 2, 2011

S&T Saturday: 25 Random Things You Should Know About Me If We're Going to Be BFF!

Because I am smart like that (but more lazy than smart, I'd say...) I am combining two linky parties into one AWESOME post. Yeah, I'm a genius I know. You can send flowers later!

Anyway, Little Miss Momma is hosting a link up called "Things You Should Know If We're Going to Be BFF" aaaannddd The Idea Room is having a link up about the Random Facts about you. Combine those two together and now you've got, say it with me y'all, "25 Random Things You Should Know About me If We're Going to Be BFF." I am linking up to both partays, so if you want to play along, click on the links and come join!

Now, on with the show...

yes, yes i was the cutest baby in the entire universe, thanks for noticing =P

01. I am the oldest, the only, and the youngest child. Confused? Let me explain...I am the oldest of my mom's four children, the only child between my mom & biological dad (I have limited contact with him, but I am also his only child), and I am considered the youngest of my maternal grandparent's children because they raised me. Yep, it's pretty crazy. Oh, I am also the oldest grandchild on my mom's side and the oldest great-grandchild on my maternal grandma's side. And yes I do have a lot of the "oldest child" traits. I can be pretty darn bossy.

02. I only went to pre-school for a few months before my Tutu (mom's grandma) made them pull me out and I went back to staying at home all day with her. And you know what, it didn't screw me up any bit. I actually developed quickly, but I was kinda shy. Which is why I didn't get into Kamehameha (we'll talk about that later) in Kindergarten.

03. I've never broken a bone in my life *knock on wood*.

04. Because I always hung out with adults when I was younger, I could always relate better to people who were older than me. I was really advanced for my age and I kind of had a harder time making friends because I was slightly a know-it-all. 

05. As I kid, I preferred staying in the house and reading over going outside. I was still active in cheerleading and I rode my bike and roller skates with the neighborhood kids, but if given a choice, I would always choose to be inside with a book or playing pretend.

my siblings & i, minus the youngest, cyrus. he was...a surprise :)

06. I love to write, especially poems. I haven't written in a while, but I'm planning on starting a novel this year. I have no idea what it's going to be about yet, so if you have any ideas, send 'em on over =P

07. I'm psychic! OK, not entirely, but I have top of the line intuition skills and my irony level is off the charts. I'm the type of person that'll dream things and then it'll happen. Deja vu really happens to me. And I always just know things, always.

08. I have an incredibly addictive personality. When I like something, I really, really like it for a while, and then the obsession tapers off a bit. I don't like things just half-way, I'm either really into it, or not into it at all. I get into things really easily and I get super excited about things, even little things, so if you need someone to jump up and down because you just made your first sell on your etsy shop, I'm your girl! 

09. My favorite salad is caesar. My favorite soup is creamy broccoli (in a bread bowl please!) and corn chowder. My favorite dip is spinach artichoke. My favorite fast food place is a tie between McDonalds and Taco Bell (but I love jack in a box). My absolute favorite dish is noodles (made in a variety of ways: spaghetti, cake noodles, fried noodles, chow mein, etc). My favorite dessert is....uhm, anything. My favorite fruits are bananas and strawberries. My favorite veggies are celery and broccoli. And I think cookies are bomb dot com.

10. I am not a very experimental cook. I like to follow recipes exactly, and I'm not the type to be like "BAM! Let's try adding tootsie rolls to the lasagna and see how it turns out." Whenever I try be an experimental cook, my meals come out crap. But I always get huge recipes when I follow recipes. It's probably because people who follow recipes actually know what they're doing.

me with each of my siblings. my sister was a bald baby. so was my brother cyrus. & cj was a cute little boy.

11. I lived in a dorm in high school, but not in college.

12. My favorite number of all time is 12. That's actually really important to know. I'm also a total freak about even numbers. And even-ness in general.

13. I only went to a public school for two years (in intermediate school) and I still say that it was the biggest realty check of my life. I went to two different private schools for elementary, then public school, and then I got in to a pretty prestigious private school for high school

14. Now we talk about Kamehameha. I am an alumnus of the Kamehameha Schools. Which is a privately funded school in Hawaii for Hawaiian Students. Meaning, you have to prove that you have Native Hawaiian ancestry to go there. Kamehameha has gone through a lot of lawsuits claiming that the admissions policy is racist, but they actually do a lot to help non-Hawaiians and Hawaiians alike.That's probably a discussion for another day. The school is funded by a trust that Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, who was in the Kamehameha line (Kamehameha was the first king of the Hawaiian Island chain. He conquered the separate islands and made it one nation. One day we shall have a lesson on Hawaiian history, lol). She died of breast cancer & never had any children, instead she gave her land and monies to the children of Hawaii through a trust and a board of trustees whose job it was to erect a school to build the children of Hawaii into "industrious men and women."

15. I speak Hawaiian pretty fluently. I also speak Hawaii Creole Pidgin. My goal is to learn spanish, japanese and french one day. And also Maori.

I was a cheerleader from age 6-practically High School. 

16. I wanted to cheer so badly in high school, but I was way intimidated. My school has ranked nationally in cheerleading competitions for so long, they took first place like every single year I was in HS too.

17. I have a lisp. Don't tease me. (It's cause I had braces. I never had a lisp pre-braces, but after they came off, I couldn't say "s" and "th" to save my life. It's a lot better now, but it's noticeable sometimes.

18. I like digital scrap booking more than regular scrap booking (although I really, really want to get in to regular scrap booking...maybe in 2012, lol). I just do not have the patience to sit and pick what kind of materials and papers to use and stuff. Maybe, if I had a Silhouette....

19. I really like random websites like GraphJam, Failbook, & I just started reading a new one called Regretsy. And also list websites like Listverse and TopTenz.

20. I live in a small town and I know that I want to eventually settle down in a smaller town, but I love big cities. I fell in absolute love with Las Vegas when I went in December and I know that I will adore NYC, but just to visit.

High School was awesome and horrible at the same time. As usual.

21. My favorite color is green because green is the best color in the whole entire universe :P.

22. I can be extremely photogenic at times. I actually love having my picture taken and I would love to be a model (not skinny or tall enough. boo you modeling people). It's the whole oldest child need for attention thing. 

23. I plan on celebrating my 21st birthday sober. It's all part of being a mormon girl. Besides, even if I wasn't mormon, I'm not a huge party girl and I probably would have chosen just to chill at home over going out and getting all drunk and stuff.

24. Did I mention that I'm turning 21 this year? I love birthdays more than most things (besides new years). In my mind, birthdays are more special than other gift-giving holidays because it focuses on the individual. It's that person's special day to shine.

25. I can be the best friend that you've ever asked for. I listen, I don't judge. I'm extremely level headed and tend to stay calm when people are having major freak outs. I'm loving and I'm big on helping people figure out their wants. I don't use people, and I pretty much like everyone. Unless you're mean to me.

i love traveling! one day, i will travel the world!

So there you have it folks, everything you've ever needed to know about me (or maybe not, haha).  So, can we be BFFLs now?


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  4. Ummmm heck yes we can be BFFLs now!! I'm not even kidding. Because you are awesome. I'm so glad my apparently technologically challenged self finally managed to find your real blog!

    I'm also an oldest child/bookworm/had that whole know-it-all problem/get excited about everything/am turning 21 this year too and also LOVE birthdays/it sounds like we're on the same page with #25.
    But most importantly...I want to become fluent in Pidgin so we need to be BFFs so you can help me out! Haha, jus' jokes. But seriously.

    And also I went to BYUH for two years (and plan on going back in the fall after I have money again!) and absolutely adore Oahu. But every haole says that, yeah? Hahahaha. I think it is AWESOME that you went to Kamehameha! That is so cool.

    Okay, I'm done gushing over your awesomeness and being a creepy blogstalker now. :)