December 30, 2010

such a wonderful, happy day!

Hi guys! I'm in such a lovely mood today! Aren't good moods just the cherry on top of the best ice cream sundae you've ever had? I say yes.

Why am I in such a good mood, you ask? The sun is out and shining. I got to go shopping for the last of my Christmas presents (late I know, but whatevs). Tomorrow is New Years Eve and it's soon going to be New Years Day AKA my favorite holiday EVER. 

Oh, and I got a letter from the Elder Dude this morning :). Letters from the dude always put me in a 50000 billion times better mood. He's super awesome like that. 

I never really talked about the dude on the blog here for personal reasons. But he's a good friend of mine and he's currently serving his mission in Japan. He's been out for a year already (it went by SO fast!) and he's a magnificent missionary! And...I miss him super a lot.

Aside from the fact that we're just close friends, I am also highly convinced that we're also soul mates and that I'm going to marry him (of course, any worthy man would make a lovely husband...blah blah blah). Which is why I don't mention him on the blog very often. A lot of people don't have the same awesome intuition that I do and they believe that I am absolutely nutso for believing that we will be married one day. In my opinion, they're the ones that know nothing and they're non-believing, anti-love people who have never been in a relationship before so who are they to tell me that he won't be my hubs one day. Besides, even if we don't end up married one day, I'm still lucky enough to call him my friend.

Anywaaaay...I sent him a package for his birthday in November before I left for Florida. And every single day since I got back, I've been waiting for a thank you letter. Haha. He's a good boy, he's not the type to not say thank you. And finally a letter came today! He also sent my some pictures and super adorable japanese stickers which I love! 
That does happen to be the dude in the picture, but it's not a clear one, so I'm comfortable putting THAT on the blog.

Also, I just woke up when the letter was received and when I took that picture. Excuse my face. LOL.

He's a pretty awesome dude and I definitely can't wait to share more about him in the future. You know, when we get married :P.

Later Days!

P.S. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day of posting! I'll be doing an official 2010 recap and 2010 in pictures! I'm soooo excited. I already know that 2011 is going to be an AMAZING year!


  1. Tasia, you are one of the most adorable people in the world with the way you think and talk. It's awesome that you feel so strong about marrying that guy one day. You never know, right?

    I love new years too. I'm excited to start 2011!

  2. hehehehhe... Tooo cute.. Thanks for the follow.. swinging by to follow back... and looking forward to the re-cap... (=

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm now your newest follower! Happy New Year!