December 30, 2010

My Year In Twitter Updates {July-September 2010}

Continuing on through the year!

July 2010
  • I decided that Naya Rivera was super awesome.
  • I completely fan girled when I saw the Deathly Hallows part 1 trailer for the first time.
  • I also decided that I was a better mother than women who are actually mothers. Yeah, I know. What do I know right?
  • I decided that the only way to describe the intensities of my migraines was to say that they were the size of Jupiter.
  • I watched way too many episodes of Boy Meets World for it to be healthy. Never mind, BMW is always healthy.
  • Found out all the details of Taylor Swiftʻs album!
  • I realized that I am, in fact, psychic. Actually, I do have really good intuition.
  • I finally saw Toy Story 3 and I cried for ever!
  • Met I at YSA conference. It was amazing.
July 2010 Top Tweet. This is just true. I have nothing more to say.

August 2010
  • I went camping at Bellows with the Waipahu YSA Branch. Thatʻs the brunch I is in and at the time I was way crushing on him. So yes, it was very exciting.
  • Had an awesome sleepover at Emilyʻs house.
  • I decided that if Doctor Chun was ever to run for governor, Iʻd so vote for him. Of course, Iʻm pretty sure he doesnʻt have to worry since heʻs pretty much set being the headmaster of Kamehameha Kapalama
  • I watched TLC a lot.
  • I discovered that I speak and understand french and spanish. but only in my dreams.
August 2010 Top Tweet. Seriously, I couldnʻt go anywhere without people assuming that I was only 15. Iʻll be grateful for the gift of youthful looks when I get older.

September 2010
  • I started going to Institute in my stake, which was awesome. I really do love institute.
  • Nick Jonas turned 18. Another dream come true.
  • Went to watch volleyball with my grandma and abe. It was UH Manoa vs. BYU Provo. It was pretty darn awesome.
  • I started RPing again on (Which btw, you should join, if you want. Carmel needs more Honey Kix)
Enough said. September 2010 Top Tweet

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  1. This is such a cool idea! I wish I could copy, but I've only been on twitter for MAYBE a month, haha. I also cried at the end of Toy Story 3! It was happy, but sad, especially where our generation kind of grew up with it! It was like, confirmation that we were no longer kids. Boo.