December 30, 2010

My Year In Twitter Updates {January-March 2010}

2010 was quite an interesting year for me. It was definitely full of ups and downs, literally it was the most interesting roller coaster ride that I've ever been on. And I'm not really one for roller coasters (we'll go into depth more in another post). The one thing that is interesting about Social Networking is that it can help me track my life more accurately then a journal can (because I tend to forget before I can write things down. Not really, but sometimes writing down my random thoughts in a journal is pointless).
On Twitter, I pretty much have moment by moment updates of my thoughts. It's wonderful! So anyway, here are my twitter thoughts for 2010.

January 2010

  • Well, I was apparently super optimistic about the new year!
  • Nick Jonas came out with his solo CD with his solo band Nick Jonas and the Administration. And I fell in love with him. LOL.
  • I started riding my bike to work! Which was super awesome. I loved riding and I got pretty fit.
  • OK, apparently my Nick Jonas obsession was WAY intense!
  • My issues with the ex-roomie/bestie started. Kinda sad, but oh well. That's what happens when people decide to put their boyfriends before their best friends.
  • I also started thinking about moving back home around this time.
  • I started watching The Office (yeah, I'm not sure what took me so long)...
  • My nephew was born. And I was honored to be able to give him his hawaiian name which is Kamanaokealaka'ipōmaikaʻiokalaninui. It means the power of the blessed leader of the highest heavens
  • I got to spend the weekend before my birthday at Oahu with my mom them. That was fun. My mom got my chantilly cake! Yum!
  • I also got to meet Elder Cook, one of the Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And I got to shake his hand. An Apostle of the Lord! So awesome!
  • I got into that whole "RT if..." thing. Yeah. Lame sauce.
  • I celebrated my 20th birthday by going shopping, watching the Lovely Bones and more chantilly cake with my roomie and then boyfriend. (wow, i dumped a LOT of people in 2010)
  • JD Salinger passed away :(
Best tweet of January 2010. And yes, I do, in fact, still want that American girl doll.

February 2010
  • One of my dudes left on his mission. It was a very emotional time for me. Very emotional.
  • I officially decided that I was going to move back to Oʻahu. It was the best thing for my family
  • Mufi Hannamen (former mayor of Honolulu) tweeted that he was in talks with Scott Swift (father of Taylor Swift) to bring Tay to Hawaii. That never happened, therefore he is a liar. Therefore I didnʻt vote for him in the governorʻs race.
  • Taylor Lautner turned 18 and became legal. Therefore I (and a whole lot of other women in this world) were no longer pedophiles =P
  • I helped support the Every Girls Is Beautiful cause. Cause itʻs true. Every girl IS beautiful.
  • I saw Valentineʻs Day for Valentineʻs Day! It was awesome! My two Taylors in one movie. Best thing ever.
  • I discovered the Old Spice commercials for the first time. And immediately became obsessed with it, of course.
  • I discovered the beauty that is JR Celski. Oh yeah, thatʻs why Iʻm moving to SLC. So I can meet his beautiful face and convince him to marry me!
  • I got Skechers Shape Ups!
  • JR Celski, Taylor Lautner and Kiowa Gordon starred in a dream that I had. It was quite a wonderful dream...
  • There was an earthquake in Chile which also led to there being a tsunami warning in Hawaii. It was super scary, but turned out to be no big deal. We were really blessed with safety.
Top tweet of February 2010. I was anti-Valentines day, so I celebrated Chinese New Year instead!

March 2010
  • I realized that photoshop really isnʻt THAT hard.
  • I tweeted in Hawaiian a lot.
  • And I talked about work/my students a lot. I even got to go on a super awesome field trip with them!
  • I hated the rain. Which is ironic because I love it now. I guess thatʻs how it always is. When you have an excess of something, you donʻt want it, but when youʻre forced to live without it, you canʻt seem to do without it.
  • I met my then boyfriendʻs sister, who came home from her mission in March.
  • Jemi was confirmed.
  • I went home to Oahu for Spring Break which was super awesome!!
  • While being home I met my other momma (Aunty Karen), Emily and Alexa. And now Iʻm going to be in Alexaʻs wedding. Wooo!
  • It was KS Song Contest season. Song Contest is a huge deal here. Well, kinda. If you went to Kamehameha, which I did. So yeah.
  • I made a few huge life decisions. Like the fact that I want to homeschool my kids one day. And that Iʻm moving to Texas.
  • I lectured the people of the interwebs to leave "Nelena" (aka Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez) alone during their break up. It was lovely.
  • I found out that Ricky Martin is gay. Which wasnʻt really headlining news, to be honest.
  • Everyone was infected with Bieber Fever. I hated him.
March 2010 Top Tweet. Donʻt we all, past me. Donʻt we all...

This shall be continued in a new post. Which will be posted in an hour anyway. I just didnʻt want these to get too long :)

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