December 30, 2010

My Year In Twitter Updates {April-June 2010}

Ok, continuing on through my year in tweets!

April 2010
  • General Conference of the Church and Easter fell in the same weekend. It was, as usual, a very spiritually uplifting time.
  • I began listening to Justin Bieberʻs music. I still didnʻt like it.
  • And then I decided that he was alright.
  • More drama with ex-roomie ensued. 
  • Glee came back!!
  • I fell off of a moving car because my ex boyfriend is an idiot. Yep
April 2010 Top Tweet. Of course, at the time I didnʻt know that starting a blog would gain you quite a twitter following as well :) This is truth though.

May 2010
  • I became hooked on the Family Feud game on facebook.
  • I procrastinated on homework a lot.
  • I fell in love with Miley Cyrus because the Canʻt Be Tamed music video was awesome. Even though it was definitely inappropriate.
  • I decided that I wanted an e-reader.
  • I cut my hair! This was a month of major change. You can tell because I cut my hair. I usually only cut my hair drastically during times of major change. Like break-ups...
  • My ex and I made a year of dating. And then we broke up like a week after. Like I said, drastic change...
  • I finished up work with my students as well. They were a huge part of my life for 10 months. I really felt like they were my own. Again, drastic change.
  • I packed a lot and got ready to go back home to Oahu.
Apparently I was really upset, lol. Top Tweet of May 2010.

June 2010
  • I moved back to Oahu.
  • But before I left, we did have a huge blow out bash at my friendʻs house. Technically it was for Memorial Day, but it was still in honor of me. LOL
  • My sister turned 17. It was weird.
  • There was a shooting in my hometown. Not unusual, but extremely saddening.
  • I officially decided that I did not want to be a pageant mom. 
  • I became obsessed with Pretty Little Liars.
  • I decided that the Star Trek casting directors are the best casting directors ever. I mean, come on! Zach Quinto and Chris Pine, plus a little bit of Chris Hemsworth in the same movie? Yeah. Best ever.
  • I got my doggies! Merlin and Lady Luvzys
True story people, true story. Go and google him even. Top Tweet June 2010

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