December 30, 2010

My Year In Twitter Updates {October-December 201}

Last installment of my year in twitter updates!

October 2010

  • I watched General Conference from the comfort of my couch on tv.
  • Went to the Justin Bieber concert. And promptly became obsessed with him. So obsessed that I even changed my twitter name to taybiebz for a little while. What? He was cute and I have an addictive personality!
  • Started subbing. Which was awesome. More money!
  • Went to the Haunted Lagoon at Polynesian Cultural Center. And got soaking wet. Which I did not know would happen.
  • Had a super awesome Halloween party at my auntyʻs house. Seriously, it was the best thing ever and I worked my butt off for that.
  • Got Speak Now Deluxe Edition!!!!!!
  • Went to temple open house. Ran into I. It was ironic.
  • Found out that there are huge muli windmills in the middle of nowhere in Kahuku. I hadnʻt known that previously.
  • My uncle and aunty and cousins moved back in with us. I was pissed.
October 2010 Top Tweet.

November 2010
  • Found out that I may have carpal tunnel.
  • Got my flu shot on the same day. I was not happy.
  • I decided that I loved the rain again. Haha
  • I was irritated and PMSing a lot in the early part of November.
  • Then I went to the temple again. And I was there again. Ironically.
  • Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. And I cried in the beginning.
  • Left for Florida and went on the Disney cruise. It was flippen awesome!
November 2010 Top Tweet

December 2010
  • Went to Disney World, and had many, many dreams come true.
  • Went to the WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY FREAKING POTTER. And had the best day of my entire life.
  • Went to Las Vegas and fell in love with the city.
  • Came home and went into depression.
  • And then I got happy again cause I have awesome bloggy friends.
  • Decided that Logan Henderson is hot. Heʻs in Big Time Rush, that show on Nick in case you didnʻt know.
December 2010 Top Tweet. Also, this is truth.

Well, I guess thatʻs basically my year in tweets. Thanks for enduring through them! And sorry they got so crappy toward the end. Itʻs almost 12pm here and I am TIRED. Good night!

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