December 31, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday {Last of 2010}

Head on over to Lauren's blog to answer today's New Years themed questions & link up!

1.   New Year's is (awesome/lame/other)       the BEST HOLIDAY EVER!!!!! New Year's has always been really big for me. In Hawai'i, we celebrate super intensely. So many different cultures have different ideas about what New Years is, but since there is a strong Chinese culture (the Chinese have huge superstitions about New Years), it's become part of local culture in general to celebrate New Year in a big way. Everyone pops fireworks, families have huge get togethers, everyone pretty much stays close to home. It's a pretty big deal. And I love it!   .

2.  Last New Year's Eve I   went to a New Year's Eve party at my then-boyfriend's aunty's house. Then I watched him pop fireworks. It was pretty boring. Which is unusual for me.  .

3.  My New Year's resolution is       I don't really have actual resolutions. I just want to live a better life. Be a happier me. This year wasn't my happiest and I know I can do much better. The plan is to do more things that will make me happy and will boost my confidence. Getting healthier and putting more effort into my clothes and make up so that I like the way I look. Reading my scriptures and becoming more in tune with Heavenly Father and just living for me. I think this year is going to be really crucial to my life. I think I'm going to grow up a lot this year   .

4.  The best way to spend New Year's Eve is   with family, just having fun! We usually pop a few fireworks, with the biggest ones going off at midnight.    .

5.  My prediction for an up-and-coming trend in 2011 is       jeggings are still going to be pretty in, but I think fashion for girls will get a lot more girly. More emphasis on dresses and skirts. As usual, accessories will always be key to the whole fashion thing. I think accessories will also head more toward the girly side, lots of flowers and bows and pretty things. OK, maybe that's just for me.  .

6.  This New Year's Eve I will        probably be at home, maybe watching a few movies. I'm hoping that my grandma will make corned beef and cabbage for dinner! Then of course, the annual neighborhood block fireworks extravaganza!     .

7.  A fresh start is       the best. I mean, every day is technically a fresh start, but the new year really just symbolizes new beginnings. For me, I always feel that the new year means that there will be new experiences and my experiences from the past year were meant for that moment in my life. New Years is really more symbolic      .

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  1. Wishing you a Happy New Year!