November 22, 2010

I Know, I Know...

I promised that I would never write this post. A post about the male species. Boys. Guys. Dudes. Human beings with dangly things between their legs. Whatever you wanna call them, I promised I wouldn't complain/write about them. But I believe I have had an epiphany, so for the first (and possibly only) time ( least only for a while...) in the history of TayIRL, I am going to talk to you about boys. But to talk about boys means to give you a little background about me...

Oh hey! That would be me. I'm Tasia. I have an obsession with headbands, Tinker Bell, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and doing the Tyra Banks over the shoulder-sultry look pose (as you can see). Basically, I have an obsessive personality, I've always been that way, it's just the way I am. On top of the obsessive personality thing, I am also prone to Anxiety attacks and I have a slight case of OCD. That being said, I am comfortable with saying that my entire life my "dream guy" was subject to what I like to call The List.

Ladies, you know the List that I'm talking about. The one that basically describes every little bit of your Prince Charming. Yeah, I see y'all nodding your heads, you know what I'm talking about. I've had my ideal guy "listed" since I was three. Yep. Three Years Old, people. In case you're wondering, it was the dude from Barney. You know, Michael? The blonde haired kid? In case you don't remember, here's a picture to jog your memory:
Isn't he dreamy? Haha, yep. He was my very first dream guy. And I was obsessed with him. He was even my imaginary friend. That's how crazy I was about him.

Of course, The List has changed throughout the years. As guys have come and gone, as crushes have built and then literally crushed me, my list has changed. Of course, no guy has ever fit the list perfectly, but there have been some who got mighty close to it. (Excuse my country accent, that you can't actually hear since we're on the interwebs. I've been reading Miley Cyrus' book Miles to Go, and her Tennessee accent has somehow jumped onto me. I'm taking it as a sign that I've got to find me a smokin' country boy and move out to a big farm).

Lately, though, I've been thinking about The List and the whole boy thing in general. And I've decided that I'm really just over it. I mean, I've decided to crumple that ol' list up and throw it out the window. I'm not looking anymore. While I would love to be married within the next two years, with a baby in three, I'm just sick of looking for that. 

Maybe I'm just looking in all the wrong places. Or maybe I'm trying too hard. I mean, I know that I'm not finding a man because I'm ugly. Cause I'm definitely NOT ugly (yeah, my self esteem is pretty ok today). I'm a great person, I'm a good friend, and one day I'm gonna make an excellant wifey and Mama one day. I know that, but maybe one day is just not today, like I want it to be. I'm working on remembering that. Remembering that God has the perfect plan for me, and that whatever he has planned for me, he will reveal it in His time.

I also have to remember that God also gives us our choices. Let me tell you, I've had amazing choices in this race for Mr. Perfect. Two of whom are currently serving missions (RM, it's on my list!), and another two who have already served missions. All of whom have amazing life goals set for themselves. Maybe I'll tell y'all a bit more about them later...

Right now, though, I just give up. I know that one day I will have an amazing guy in my life. And I know that he'll come when he's ready and also when Heavenly Father knows that I'm truly ready. Right now, I just want to focus on my own dance with God, and when my song is over, I know He'll let the perfect man cut in!

P.S. Since most of my readers are either engaged or already married, I want to hear your pre-love story. Did you go through the same things that I did in your early stages of dating? How and when did you meet your love? I'd really love to hear your stories!

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  1. dating should be FUN. Just enjoy it. Have fun. Date lots of people. Date the wrong guys. Date the right guys. be friends with guys. Go on trip. have dessert night & stop worrying about getting married.

    1. People will be more drawn to you if you are just happy and fun.

    haven’t you ever met someone who just seemed unhappy? Did you want to be their friend? It is even MORE SO with dating. Guys like have radar, they know which girls are trying to hard, which ones are just happy with their life.

    2. DON'T feel pressure to get married. I was 27 and living in PROVO...I was defiantly past my expiration date. I was enjoying my life and making the most of it, and THEN i met my Mr. He was an unexpected blessing.

    3. Look for a righteous priesthood holder who can be your best friend. THE END.

    everything else is negotiable. Jobs, height, hair color, money, interest.

    In the end life is hard, marriage is work and you better do it with someone you enjoy spending time with. Someone who makes you laugh. Someone who when you are broke, and unemployed and eating ramen at least the two of you enjoy talking to each other in your cardboard box.

    Half of the adventure is getting there. Then the rest is working to stay in love.

    good luck! I loved my single days & hated them at the same time. I am just glad I decided not to sit at home being sad about not having a husband. Instead I had a really cool life.

    ♥ the MRS.