November 17, 2010


I know, I know. It isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but hey, cut me some slack here!

I love winter. It's my favorite season. All of my favorite holidays happen in the winter (well...and in late fall too, I guess). Unfortunately, I never had the chance to play in the snow or to build a snowman, or have a snowball fight. We don't even have actual winter here in Hawaii. Sure, it does get a little chillier and it rains more often, but that's the extent of our winter season. You can even find people hanging out on the beach on Christmas morning, enjoying time with family.

My favorite thing about Christmas has always been Christmas cards. When I was younger and learning how to write, my grandma would pick up boxes of cards from the store and she would have me write short notes in the cards. We would give those cards to everyone. Teachers, friends, family, pastors, heck I think we even gave one to the lady who worked at McDonalds one year! 

Now, Christmas cards have gone way fancy thanks to people being more computer savvy. Now days, all you really have to do is take some family pictures with your digital camera and upload it onto either an online site with ready made templates or, if you're feeling extra fancy, you can even make your own Christmas card with photoshop. Well, I'm not fancy enough to use photoshop, so I turn to Shutterfly instead!

Have I ever mentioned before how much I love Shutterfly? Well, I do. There are so many cute projects that you can make in an instant. It's so quick and easy that anyone (even a Caveman) could do it!

For Christmas last year, my Aunty and Uncle made our family super cute calendars for Christmas on Shutterfly. It had pictures of my grandpa with various people from our family and there are even pictures of each person on their birthdays, for us...ahem...more forgetful people. It looked something like this:

One year, I even made a photo book for a (now ex) boyfriend using Shutterfly. Long story short, I love Shutterfly and I decided that I would go through them to make Christmas Cards this year. Now that we actually know more people, and it's so much simpler just to upload some photos than to write out a whole long novel about how my year went, I thought that it would be fun to actually send Christmas cards this year.

Plus, Shutterfly is way awesome and is offering a sweet deal for Bloggers. Basically Bloggers get 50 Free Holiday Cards! Just for blogging about how awesome Shutterfly is. An really, why wouldn't you want to blog about that? Check out the promotion here.

I tend to be drawn to the simpler Christmas Cards. When these come in the mail from other family members and friends, I always notice the pictures. It's so interesting to see how much people have grown through the years, so I really like cards that focus more on the pictures, and less on the words. Here are a few of my absolute favorites from the Shutterfly Holiday collection:

My absolute favorite is the brown and green one. I love those colors together, plus aren't those kids in the picture the most adorable kids ever? How do you even become a model for these picture things? Can I be one?

Anyways...I don't normally send out Christmas cards anymore, but this year-with family and friends spread across the globe, and virtually no money to send Chocolate covered Mac. nuts all over the world, cute and customized Christmas cards seems to be the best option. I mean, I'm already sending my missionary buddy a whole package full of goodies for his birthday (which is today!! Happy Birthday George!!!), so I really don't want to spend another 40 or 50 bucks shipping goodies around the world. 

Plus, who doesn't like a good holiday card, right?

Have a marvelous Wednesday & happy holiday card hunting!

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