February 6, 2011

the plight of having a boy best friend...

This weekend has been just as tiring as the week before! 
Hopefully this coming week will allow me more relaxation time (but I seriously doubt it!)
Church was PACKED today!
We had a baby blessing & a confirmation.
But a packed church was a major surprise today, since it's super bowl sunday.
(and my ward doesn't start until 1)

Speaking of the Super Bowl,
How you like them PACKERS?
I woke up this morning and decided they were my team.
Because really, I don't care for either team, but the Pack was the underdog, so y'know I had to root for them.
And they won.
If I bet on the game, I so would've won.
But I'm I didn't bet...haha.
I all out wore green and yellow to church today!
I even googled Packers inspired eye make-up. 
Yeah I was a major Cheesehead today :)

I got to see my best friend's parents today!
They live on the Big Island, but they've been on O'ahu since friday.
(cause best friend's dad had eye surgery on friday)
Speaking of best friend, he said something so weird to me last night.

We were talking on the phone (we talk almost every night cause he lives on the big island and i live on oahu) and I was telling him about how one of my friends told me that I shouldn't settle on a guy who isn't an RM and he said "Why? What if I wanted to marry you?" 

I was kind of taken aback by his comment because 1. We've never been the type of best friends who've joked about being married one day 2. It was just so sudden, I didn't expect that from him. The idea of marrying him has honestly never crossed my mind. A few posts back, I wrote about how he hurt my feelings because of some other guy and some of you said that he might be crushing on me. I pushed those ideas aside because it was never like that with us. I figured it was more because he was being a protective brother type. But now that he said that I don't know what to think?

The line between "just friends" and "more than friends" is so thin that it is practically invisible. But my question is did his comment mean crossing the line into more than friends territory?

I'm so confused. I've never thought about him as more than a friend, but because of his comment I am way over thinking things. Advice?


  1. He seems sweet. It's all depending on you, honey. I'd suggest you stay friends, at least don't RUSH into things. If he keeps it up, I'd talk to him about it.
    Hey! I've finally sent out your pay it forward gift, haha. It should be there soon. =]

  2. Ohhhh honey, I know exactly where you're at!!!
    Storytime? There's a point to it all, I promise! Haha.
    I have two super good boy BFF's. They don't know each other, one I've been besties with for 5 years and the other I met at BYUH last year.
    5-yr best friend is currently serving a mission. Loooong story there for another time...but basically I'm in "kind of but not really waiting for him" territory at the moment.
    I told newer best friend about this development, and his response was "So are you dead set on marrying this guy??? What If I wanted to marry you????"
    And I had basically the same reaction you did! Haha. Because this friend has never expressed interest and I've always thought of him as a brother. I can't remember how I responded, but I was kind of like WHOA about that for a while.

    After over-analyzing (haha as all of us girls do), I realized that this friend probably wasn't trying to start something. He is a sweetheart, and he is also friends with mostly girls. So he jokes about marrying people a lot. I think his question was really just a way to make me think and to determine where I was at in my relationship with the missionary dude.

    SO. My point is (I promised there was one!) that it all depends on the guy and the type of friendship you have! Is he the kind of person that would have just nonchalantly joked about marriage? Could he have been trying to make you think, like good friends do? Did he want to see what your reaction was to gauge how firm your beliefs in only marrying an RM were? (random tangent: just because a guy served a mission does NOT mean he's good enough for you....I know plenty idiots who still managed to serve missions. Hahaha, that sounds mean...but it's true! And I have heaps of friends that are awesome guys without being RM' goes both ways.)

    SO yeah. This is way too long now. But I'd say feel it out based on the type of person he is and the friendship you have, and if you really want to know fo' sho just ask him! You're best friends, you probably talk about everything anyway, so you might as well just bring it up! Haha :)

  3. Holy freaking COW. That was a NOVEL. b!

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  5. Girl...he likes you. Come on, no guy is going to call EVERYDAY if he didn't. I have great guy friends, but I don't talk to them every day. Geez, I'll be lucky if I talk to them once a week. Plus guys don't joke around when it comes to marriage, unless they like you. See, I think he doesn't want to put his heart on the line and have you reject him. So, he is testing the water...saying cute little lines. He wants you to think of him as maybe more than friends, but at the same time not lose you as a friend.

    I understand how you feel. If I was Mormon, I would want to marry a RM in the beautiful temple. That's the dream, right? So by you saying that to a person that isn't a RM and they like you....well.....I would feel compelled to ask you that same question as your "guy friend" did.

    Oooh, I'm like 90% sure he likes you. How cute! I know I didn't give you any good advice, I'm sorry....

    Okay, well, it comes down to this....can you see him as boyfriend material? If no, then great, you guys are friends. If yes, well, then you have to decide, can you date someone that is not Mormon? If you say no, well, I guess your friend will continue to be your friend. If yes, well....let's wait until you answer these questions first.