February 17, 2011

Oh. Hi...What's Up Guys?...

I've been completely M.I.A. the past few days, and trust me, I feel badly about it. What have I been doing, you ask?

....Uhhhhmmm....noooothing. Literally. Haha, I've been up to nothing and yet I have been too lazy to update the blog. But I know that you forgive me, because you love me and think I'm awesome, right?

If it makes you feel better, I finally had inspiration and I now have an idea for my very first book!! Writing a book is one of my Day Zero Project goals, so I'm really excited about this. I'm actually loving where the plot of my book is going and I'm already in love with my main character. It's going to be really exciting! And, the idea came in the coolest way ever! Through a dream! So, I feel like I was meant to write the story.

Also, it turns out that I've done 7 out of the 101 things on my Day Zero Project list! Woohoo, go me!!

In my absence, I also managed to secure an award! How awesome is that? It's the Stylish Blogger award from the wonderful Delina of Dew This!

Thank you, Delina! I am way too overly happy about this award :). And, uhm, if you're not following Dew This, I suggest you hele on over to her blog and follow right now. Go ahead, I'll be here when you get back........(5 minutes later)....Back? See, I knew you'd love her blog!

The rules for this award are simple. First, thank and link back to the person who gave you the award. Then share 7 things about yourself. And finally, tag 15 other bloggers and let them know that you've given them an award! 

So here are my 7 facts....

  1. I am easily excitable. Seriously. I'll get excited over the littles things.
  2. I also have an addictive personality. Once I like something, I REALLY like it. Or if I don't like something, then I want nothing to do with it. There are no in betweens.
  3. I am seriously considering being a wedding/event planner. I mean, I'd always have a job, at least in mormon world...
  4. My favorite song to dance to on Just Dance 2 is Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne.
  5. I have no idea where my recent obsession with heels and the color purple has come from. I think I've been hanging out with Ashley a little too much...
  6. I am way too invested in my characters on this website.
  7. My tummy is rumbling right now because I haven't eaten anything since breakfast, but it's not time for dinner yet...sigh.
So yeah. That's 7 things you currently did not know about me. Unless you did know it, then you're probably stalking me :)

And I'm giving the award to these awesome people: Jia, Steph, Rachel, Celina, Mamarazzi, Ash, Holly, Angela, Jen, Kelsey, Elise, Brandi, Krysten, Kalina, and THE Impulsive Addict.

I'm pretty sure that I stalk each of their blogs every day (or whenever they update....) and after reading, I'm pretty sure that you will also want to stalk their blogs every day. So, get on going and check out their blogs.

As for me, I'm going to do more research for my soon-to-be WONDERFUL book. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a national best seller one day. Pretty sure. :)


  1. Awe! Thank you muchos! I stalk your blog as well, lemme tell you. =]

    Someday, if the chance ever arises, we must play "Girlfriend" on two player. I LOVE that one too. And the other one I love is probably Kesha or The Ting Tings. Both are fantastic. =]

  2. I'm easily excitable too! I got super excited about my award!!! Thank you! I loved reading all about you! I'll be back to stalk you some more from a computer. (Blogging from my phone stinks!)

  3. Wheee, thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Also, I 100% agree with numbers one, two and three. Seriously, I could have wrote those! I also LOVE "Girlfriend" by Avril, though lately one of my favorite songs to get down to is "So Damn Hott"!

    And finally, the color purple is WIN!!! ^_^

  4. WOW! Thank you so much. Honestly, I was reading your blog way before I made my most recent blog and if it weren't for you, I wouldn't start my blog. You are my bloggie inspiration and for you to give me this award. Awe.

    Much Mahalos.

  5. Thanks so much girl!! I will certainly post about it but I don't know if I have 15 new blogs to tag lol Thank you thank you thank you :)