October 31, 2010

Taking Life As It Goes...

Well, I haven't been around for a while. And while I hate making excuses for myself, my reasons are quite understandable. I feel that, recently, my life has been a roller coaster full of ups and downs and every single turn. My life has been mostly a series of downs, but I have hope that soon I'll be up again. So, my uncle and his family moved back in. Which means that my quiet days have now been disrupted. Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot stand this particular part of my family. If you read any of my other blogs, you'll know why, but I don't want that kind of negativity on my blog. Just know that I don't like them and I think that they are irresponsible and bad parents. I have my reasons but I'll keep that a little more personal, I suppose. It's hard having them back because I am not able to focus on homework as much anymore. They have kids who are all very loud, don't listen, just plain ol' naughty. And they make it hard to concentrate. I also feel bad for my dogs because I have to keep them locked up inside my room because the kids and even my uncle aren't very nice to them. I find solace in the fact that I've been called to sub more often! I love working and I love being in the classroom again. It really makes me miss my big island students and the Keaukaha Kru, but I'm just thankful that I am able to have a good paying job and stuff. I also find solace in the fact that in approximately 24 days we will be leaving for our vacation! We're going to Florida for 1.5 weeks, that includes a cruise, and then Las Vegas. It's my first time going to either place so I'm super excited! That's pretty much all that's keeping me sane. I keep praying that things will turn around for me soon, and I know that it will in Heavenly Father's time, but in my perspective it's just taking forever! So pray for me, haha! Pray that I will build patience as I go along. I know that this trial in this time of my life is really just a test and I'm going to try and get an A, plus! XOXO -T-

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