October 17, 2010

Things That Turn My Smile Into A Frown...

{one} dirty feet--
I freakin' hate dirty feet so bad! Like, I can't even explain it. the floors in my house are kind of dirty all the time because my puppy likes to pull the hair out of my big dog, so his hair is always on the ground. Anyway, I just really hate dirty feet more than most things. When my feet are clean but my hair is not washed and starting to dread, small kine little bit, I'm ok. But if my hair is nice and clean and shiny, but my feet are dirty, then I feel dirty.
{two} fake people--
I don't know. I just don't think that there is ever any reason to be fake. I mean, I guess I understand why people would do that. I like to be accepted just as much as the next person, but I think that if people are going to accept me, they should accept me for the good and the bad. They should realize that I'm not perfect, but I'm funny and nice and I can be the best listener in the world.
{three} goodbyes
that is self explanatory.
{four} the fact that my uncle, aunty and cousins are moving back in.
I can't stand them. So this, too, is explanatory.
{five} the fact that no one likes me right now
Well, I mean they do. But the boys that I like don't ever seem to like me. For once in my life, I would like something to go my way. I want a boy to like me just as much as I like him. Like, through my entire life, there have been boys that like me that I don't like until after I like them. And I now realize that it has all been pity. Next time, I want to date someone who likes me just as much as I like him.
{six} facebook
IDK, I just don't really like Facebook all that much.

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