April 14, 2011

I'm going to be a GREAT mother (one day...)

This past weekend my Uncle & Aunty went to LA, leaving me home with three of their four kids.   

It was my Uncle's birthday (he turned 40, don't tell him I told you!) and my Aunty originally wanted to surprise him with tickets to a Laker's game. The Lakers are my uncle's favorite team. My grandma and I found out back in December when we were on our trip in Florida. She arranged everything, including calling his job to arrange his vacation days, booked everything, and even got him a Lakers jersey. But the surprise was ruined when the stadium screwed up and sent the confirmation tickets for the game to my Uncle's phone instead of my Aunty's. Anyway back to the point of the story. Off they went for about four days and I stayed at their house watching their three wonderful girlies.

Okay, to be honest, those girls are my favorite cousins anyway and  I would have had fun with them no matter what. I went by myself because I wanted to prove to myself that I could handle four days with them. I wanted to know that I could handle bedtimes and wake ups and sending them off to school (including one field trip). I needed to prove that I could do the after school homework sessions, entertain them, have dinner on the table and mostly that I could handle any problems should they arise. I wanted to prove that when the time comes I'll be a good mother. And I know, it was kinda cheating because the girls are a little older (7, 9, 13) and they can really take care of themselves, but still.

And you know what? I did a flippen' AWESOME job. Seriously. I was really proud of myself. I got the girls up everyday, made sure that they were fed breakfast and that they were out the door on time. I made sure that Aysia had everything she needed for her field trip. I made sure that the house was clean during the day. I made dinner every night and monitored the homework doing. And I even pushed through a mini-crises! I succeeded in proving to myself that I will one day be a great mother. And I had a lot of fun doing it.

I love these girls:
Seriously, I do. They are the best cousins ever. And honestly, I know it'll be a few years before I become a mommy to my own beautiful girls (or handsome boys) but I can go into it with the confidence that I can at least make sure that they will survive. I know it'll be different when I have my own kids, but it's good to know that I can keep 'em alive, right?

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